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They Will Not Go Unremembered

On Dec. 18, I attended a beautiful memorial service for about 40 homeless folks in Chicago who passed away this past year–2018.  The service was sponsored by so many of Chicago’s organizations who are working together to end the injustice of homelessness.  There was some wonderful singing by the Atlanta Homeward Choir, and some heart-felt sharing about the realities of being homeless… something that Jesus, himself, knew something about.

There was a lot of lighting of candles, and each homeless person remembered was represented by a young person between the ages of 8–16.  They walked up to the front of the church and lit some more candles, while the names were read, and many folks were remembered by a short depiction or two.  A few examples of these depictions were:  “He was so humble.”  “She just radiated love with her smile.”  “He was always sharing any information he had that might help anyone else out of homelessness.”    “He could make anyone laugh and feel better about themselves.”

And after about each 10 names that were remembered, the choir would answer the question about where these precious souls had gone.  And they would sing, ” They’re goin’ up yonder (3x) …To be with our Lord.  Here’s a little taste of their singing—beautiful!

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Chris Ramsey has been a member of the Jesus People USA community in Chicago since 1975. Throughout those 40 years, Ramsey has been involved in evangelism, writing, interviewing, and serving the poor. He’s also a kind of “crazy” character who’s constantly asking himself, “Where do I fit in?” For the past 25 years, Chris has discovered that his role in serving the homeless and the poor at Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO), seems to fit him quite nicely. He is happily married to Sandy Ramsey, the executive director of CCO, and has two adult sons, Christopher and Jonathan.