They’re all around you!

I was leafing through my recent AARP mag ( yeah, I do qualify!) when I stumbled on an ad. It stated: “The face of poverty isn’t who you think.”

And then it calmly stated “a truth” that is all to common across our country. “Life doesn’t always go as planned. Today, 1 in 7 seniors live in poverty.”

So when you see that “old lady” or that “elderly gentleman” pushing their walkers down the street …I ask you (and myself) to think about where they are going. They just might be on their way to Micky D’s for one of their main meals of the day.

And maybe… just maybe…. we might want to become their “friend” if God should so lead us. I mean, a lot of our neighbors in this day and age are a tad bit older than us.

And don’t we all know… they could use a little love.

Take care, Chris.

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