Your prayers are welcome!

Greetings readers. I’m letting you know about my new friend—Sinad. You know, he was the guy who was all bundled up in blankets under the Foster viaduct with his face barely noticeable. Well, my co-worker Jeremy got wind that Sinad had ended up in ICU at nearby Weiss hospital. So I went to visit him. He’d just come out of a coma —where he was being treated for very serious respiratory complications. The nurse that I spoke with related that his condition was primarily caused by his being an “alcoholic.”

That might well be true. But you can’t tell me that the extreme cold of the previous week did not play a significant role in his being hospitalized.

Whatever the case—does it really matter? Sinad, who has been here in Chicago for many years, was originally from Bosnia, needs your prayers.

Thanks Chris.

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