Hello all my Jesus in the Least friends:  Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  But here is a poem by my late friend Curt Mortimer, who went home to be with Jesus in November 2016.

Check out his poem which paints a beautiful picture of how the  “interaction” between the cultures of Uptown, Chicago CAN go.



B y Curt Mortimer


My hat and me was simply

Walking down Wilson Avenue

Minding my own business

When my hat said…

Well, now you gotta know

My hat ain’t got no mouth

So it looked like I said

Cause it was movin my lips , you see


Well it said… Aaah…I said

Howdy Pardner

To a big brother

With a dew rag

Sup, he said


What is sup? asked the hat

Hangin, said the dew rag

Hanging who

Wha’d the cowpoke do?, The hat

Ain’t no cows in Uptown, man, said dew

Ain’t no trees either, pardner, said the hat

How yagonna hang the outlaw?


We’all is gangstas, said dew

You want a death play,

We got a way

Just stand on down there on the corner


And then I grabbed my hat

Wait, wait, I said

This thing is gonna get me dead

My friend, I’m sure you see

That I don’t wear the hat,

The hat wears me.


Yo man, said the brother

I got the same kind of bother

Every time I doff my dew

You know what I’m sayin?

I feel like a gang banger

Out lookin for danger

Ah’m just a nice young homie

That loves ta write poetry


I knew, says I, I knew

By that “doff my dew” line

Fine poetry


So off we went

Up there on Broadway

To the Chicago Coffee House

Poetry slam

Just across from Blockbuster

Ah-ite, said my brother

All right , said I.



This poem was reprinted from Curt Mortimer’s collection of poetry entitled, Mudblood. Copyright 2010.


Thanks for stopping by. Chris.