Thomas and Pastor Greg fellowshipping at Cornerstone




Thomas is a man I’ve gotten to know over the past several years.  He stops in to our pantry and soup kitchen every now and then, and he stays at our men’s shelter every once in a while.

He’s kind of shy and reserved.  But recently he told me that he came to Chicago in 1997 from his home country, China.  He worked for a time, but then he got in a car accident and broke his leg.  Then he was placed in a nursing home for over a year, and the staff tried hard to get him to stay with them.

But Thomas told them that he didn’t want to stay.  He told them that he had to go to college to learn English.

And so, this was the beginning of his “trek” in and out of homelessness.  He’s stayed at Cornerstone, on and off, over the years.  “God has arranged for you to be a support in my life,” he says.  “And I consider this to be my home. This is a beautiful place.  People have been very kind to me.”

Then he went on to say, “God is with you, and God sent you here to help us.”

We chatted some more, and the manner in which Thomas communicated just “oozed” with so much simplicity and sincerity, that it couldn’t help but touch my heart.

“When I come to this place, it just makes me feel younger, “he said.  “I have good friends, good support, and good food. You really are Jesus to me. ”

I just sat there next to him, and all I could say was ,“You know, Thomas , you are Jesus to me.”

And isn’t it just “amazing” how God seems to meet both of our “needs” simply by putting us both together in one place.

Thanks for stopping by.  Chris.