Here’s my friend, Dawson Keyes.  Many of our staff members at CCO and members of our JPUSA community have known Dawson for about ten years.  He’s stayed at our shelter and our place for seniors, Friendly Towers.  “God has used you guys (CCO and JPUSA) in so many ways throughout these last few years of my life,” he said.  “You’ve literally helped me to hang in there.”

He told me that he’s had so many health issues to face including various surgeries and cataracts.   “We’re all getting older,” he said. “And we’ve got to take care of ourselves.  But I also know that God’s not done with me yet.”

I then asked Dawson what is his advice to those still living in shelters.  Like how should they face each day?  He thought for a moment then he offered his “words of wisdom.”

“First of all, when you wake up, “Thank God,” he said.  “Then after that do something positive for yourself, like connect with as many folks as you can that can help you.  Like seeing folks, and getting on waiting lists for housing.”

And then there was a final word of encouragement, which had the “ring of truth” for us all.  “And if you can’t do anything else, well then, just simply be kind to someone.  For God will be doing his work, but you’ve got to trust and have faith, and you’ve got to do your work, too.”

Thanks, Dawson.  And I thank God for friends like Dawson… for they help me to see a little more of Jesus at work in our world.