Rally for the Ignored

ONE Northside sponsored a rally for the tenants of the Wilson Men’s Hotel on August 17, 2017. There was about 50-75 supporters that showed up to make their voice heard. The message: They called upon the new landlord of the building and Alderman James Cappleman to keep their word when they stated that they would both work together to make sure that No One becomes homeless because of the upcoming renovations that will take place. A number of these men have been residents for years and will most assuredly have a very difficult time in securing even the lowliest of affordable housing without sufficient assistance.

Tenants plead with Landlord and Alderman

I was honored to take a stand with these folks. Is it too much to ask for our poor and our least to be granted a simple, no-frills room to live in? One that is inside. Not outside. Pray for the new landlord and Alderman Cappleman to do their very best to ensure a smooth and decent transition for the residents of the W​​ilson Men’s Hotel.