Much Praise and Honor to Jesus!

Well, I did make it down to the Gospel Fest on Sat. June 2. I had a nice few hours of walking around, and passing out my flyers with info about my book and website.

When I first started I had a guy come up to me and said, “Well, what can you tell me that you’ve learned from the least?”

His question kind of caught me off-guard. But I thought for moment, and then I said, “Patience, love…. and compassion.” And what I meant by this was that the poor can sometimes share the little they have. In other words , many of them treat you like you would want to be treated.

The guy smiled and said, “Yeah, yeah… that’s cool.” And then he walked away.

When I got home later, I was thinking some more about this very basic, straightforward question. Now, I ought to have the answers down-pat right? I mean, after all, I wrote a book about this and I’ve been working with the poor and homeless for over 25 years!

And then the word, “acceptance,” came to mind. Not in a negative sense, but in a way that says to the world, “Hey, world, this is my life, and even if it gets really hard at times, well, I’m still going to make the best of it.”

Henri Nouwen has said, “The hardest thing to do is to accept one’s own life.” And I believe this is so true, for all of us. Why? Because we all have regrets, and misgivings, and failed aspirations. But when we’re honest, we all know that so many folks around this world have it so much “harder” than we do.

And so I guess I’m saying that maybe… just maybe… we can learn from them.

And so I passed out a lot of flyers in a very friendly, non-pushy manner. Some folks were happy to receive them, while others were not interested in accepting a flyer at all. Indeed, I discovered that you have to have some pretty thick skin …because there were even a few folks who made me feel like I wasn’t worth the time (a few seconds) of day.

And I bet that’s how the least feel many times a day. I guess they have some pretty thick skin.

Thanks for praying for me. Chris.

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