Meet Nic, Jay, and Robby

I was visiting my wonderful relatives in Montpelier, VT in late June 2019.  My cousin Larry took my wife Sandy and I on a little downtown tour of the State’s capitol.  We wandered the streets taking in the old, historic buildings as well as the blend of hip, welcoming cafes, bars, restaurants, vintage and book stores.  And along the way, we ran into Nic, Jay, and Robby.  They were just hanging out on the streets, with a sign that said they would tell a joke for a quarter.

I stopped for a few minutes to chat with them while Larry and Sandy continued on down the street. I discovered that Nic was from Houston TX, Jay was from Gooding, ID, and Robby was from Memphis, TN.  Nic told us he’d been living the life of a modern-day vagabond, traveling all the country for the past couple of years.

I asked him what was his experience of choosing that type of lifestyle.  He thought for a moment, and then said, “Things are sometimes good . . .  and then there’s times when things are not so good.”

We chatted a little more, talked about Jesus a bit.  And then they OK’d me sharing their pic on my blog.  And then I made a small contribution to their cause, which was to simply carry on another day.

Please say a prayer for these beggars, bums, hobos, panhandlers, wanderers, outcasts, and anything else you can think of to label them. There’s a lot of folks just living from day to day to see what might come their way.

And I believe God is not looking down on them.  But he is looking at how we treat folks such as these.

Thanks for stopping by.