I was unloading our van outside the shelter when all of a sudden I heard a faint, but familiar voice greet me from behind. I turned around only to be confronted by an old client of a few years ago. It was “Tisdale,” one of our more “celebrated ” former residents. And what I mean by that is that he was one of the more easy-going, and genuinely humorous, guys that we’ve sheltered. Still he had that “smooth” talk and smile that made you think that he’s “got” to be up to something.

Anyways, old Tisdale Wilcoxon was stopping by… just to see how things were going. I told him things were going alright at CCO, and I asked him how he was doing.

He told me that he was doing “quite well” really. He told me that he had his own place and that he had a full-time job as fork-lift driver on the South Side.

I told him I was so happy for him, and did he have any advice for those who are still trying to get out of the shelter.?

“Oh, yes,” he replied. “You’ve got to have faith. Many times we want what we want right now. But many times it will take some time before God can really move in your life. I mean, we all want things just to work themselves out, but sometimes you’ve got to “work it, too.”

I was blessed to run into “old Tisdale” again. And I was able to bless him with a pizza and a couple of meats to help make ends meet… because you know that just because you have a job and a place to stay does not mean you can afford much more than the “basics….” living in Chicago.

He was very grateful, and told me that he’d be happy to come by and “testify” and tell his story to the “guys” any time that we’d like.

We just might have to take him on that offer. For you never know how and when and where or who God is working on..

Take care, Chris

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