It’s not Jesus in the East!

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It’s Jesus in the Least!

This past Saturday, August 11, we were again blessed with any amazing group of dedicated disciples of Jesus from the St Andrews Bible Study group. They had come last year as well. And they just smother our folks with love… and a whole of Italian Beef with all the fixings, including hot peppers (if you want them!) and Chicken and french fries and more.

Their leader, is Adnan David and he is one who is filed with so much energy and love and compassion that everyone can’t help but love him! He also likes to joke around a bit —which is great because so do I!

The last time, he was serving at CCO, he had gotten a copy of my book. And I asked him what he thought about it and he said he liked it, but that his wife also liked it.

Then I asked him if he would pass out some of my flyers for my book to his group. He said, “Sure.” And then he proceeded to tell everyone to buy my book in a loud, but joyful manner. His group was so welcoming and fun to be around as they served our crowd. And then Adnan suddenly blurted out to all within hearing–“Hey, everyone “It’s not Jesus in the East….It’s Jesus in the Least!”

We all got a good chuckle out of that one. And we continued on serving the crowds, which included my good friend Thomas, who affectionately calls me his “step-daddy.” And I call affectionately call him my “step-child.”

Jesus in the Least Author Chris Ramsey Only God…

Adnan and Thomas and myself , as well as Adnan’s group got along wonderfully. There’s just something about our God that continues to make my heart overflow with laughter and joy … and it’s when he brings folks together—and everyone is so free to be just who they are–with no pretense whatsoever.

And don’t you think that this is how God has always wanted our human relationships to be? Simple, carefree, real.

I think so. And I get a little taste of it every time a group comes to serve with joy amongst so many of the least. God just seems to be right in the middle of it all.

I am blessed! Chris

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