29 Apr 2018

Former clients stop by!

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Jasper and Carri have left the building!

I ran into a couple of former clients the other day. They were just stopping by, seeing how we were all doing. Jasper Trappani and Carri Miller had been with Cornerstone about 7 years ago. Jasper had helped out in our CCO kitchen as a volunteer, and Carri had found some refuge with us for about 8 months, after her husband had passed away.

But since they had left us 7 years ago, they have been doing well. They ended moving to Hobart, IND, where they have found a “life” for themselves. And they were even able to purchase a house about 2 years ago!

So these former clients were just stopping through Chicago… and they just felt led to stop by for a visit. And also to tell us that without Cornerstone’s help during a stressful, difficult time in their lives they wouldn’t be where they are today.

To God be the glory! Chris.

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29 Apr 2018

Jahkil is being a Blessing!

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10-year-old reaches out to homeless!

On April 18th we were blessed to have Jahkil Naeem Jackson and his mother come to visit our CCO shelter and distribute a lot of “Blessing Bags” to our many of our food pantry clients and shelter folks. What is a “Blessing Bag” ? It’s a giveaway bag filled with socks, numerous hygiene items, granola bars, and more.

How did all this come about? When Jahkil was just 8 years old, he started noticing the homeless and inner-city poor on the streets of Chicago. “I wanted to give them money, ” he said. “But my parents didn’t think that was such a good idea. So my parents helped me to start collecting these “blessing bags.”

Jahkil and his Godfather, Vernon, have traveled around the city distributing these bags. They get their supplies from so many generous donors—who donate these items to the True Star Foundation, 1130 South Wabash, Suite 302, Chicago. You can also donate monetary donations to help purchase and distribute these items. Go to IAMnaeem.com.

Jahkil tells me he’s doing well in school, and he would love to see more parents getting involved with their children in reaching to the poor and the homeless.

How does Jahkil view the homeless? “They’re just people… people just like us,” he says.

Is this young man a “gem” or what?

And doesn’t it make one wonder why it takes so long —-for so many of us “older folks” to get involved or to even care at all?


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17 Apr 2018

Are you becoming friends with nobodies?

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Over my many years of attempting to follow Jesus I’ve had a struggle with the desires to be somebody… somebody “great.” It could also be called a desire to be first. And I have to examine where these desires stem from.

Maybe it stems from growing up in our culture… where everyone can get their “15 minutes” of fame. Maybe it’s a part of my wanting to validate my existence not only to God, but to my Christian brothers and sisters, and to my family and relatives. Maybe it’s my own deep insecurity of desiring to prove myself. It’s probably a combination of these and other reasons…not the least of which is pride.

Jesus says, “If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all.” (Mark 9:35b, KJV) And Jesus also says, …”for he that is least among you all, the same shall be great.” (Luke 9:48b,KJV)

So what do I learn from these statements? Well, interesting enough, we see here that Jesus doesn’t discourage me (or anyone else!) from desiring to be someone “great” or “first.” He just defines what somebody “great” in his mind would look like. And he says in effect, “Ok, Chris, so you want to be considered “great” in my eyes? Well then, I want you to lead the way… by becoming a servant to ALL. In other words, I want you to take last place.”

Jesus is asking us to step down…way down. He’s asking us to be servants of “all” people . And for me, when I do this—stepping down off “high horse” —I find myself staring into the eyes of our “dinner guests.” I find myself standing or sitting right next to the “least of these.”

And what do I discover? I discover that they are already in the “last place.” Indeed, this is where they live! And so it is they who teach me lessons on how to feels to be “last”….or for me not being noticed or recognized as I desire.

But there’s an even deeper truth that I learn as I aspire to be the servant of all. Somehow, in God’s mysterious ways, we are brought together… and somehow we “bless” each other. And so I discover that it is our “dinner guests” who help keep me close to the real Jesus, who demonstrated by the way he lived that he’s always close to these “least.”

So I’ve been going to “school” all these years. And what I have learned? I’ve been attempting to follow the advice of the apostle Paul when he writes, “Make friends with nobodies; don’t be the great somebody.” (Romans:12:16b, The Message) And I have to give the credit to my many friends. I’ve discovered that I’ve been taught by some pretty good teachers most every day.

Chris. Thanks for stopping by.

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2 Apr 2018

Anthony Finds a Home in Chicago!

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Now if he can just find a wife!

Technology is an amazing thing! Now I know all you persons under 40 don’t need me (over 65!) to tell you how incredible it is to talk and email and communicate across this world. But then again maybe you do.

Why? It’s because you—yeah YOU— and that includes a whole lot of human beings who kind of take this stuff for granted… well maybe not for granted, but let’s just say folks who call it “no big thing.”

I was walking out my Jesus People home front door when I ran into Anthony… a long time friend who I hadn’t seen for awhile. He has happy to see me, but he was very engrossed in a conversation on his phone.

I stopped for a moment, allowing him to continue his conversation, when he abruptly started telling me that he was talking with his brother—Pastor Johnny—over in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. And he went on to tell his brother about me and my work. I was a little taken aback (not really) at his bringing me into his phone call.

“Here, you want to talk to him?” he said, handing me the phone.

“Well, sure….if he wants to?” I replied. “Hello Pastor Johnny, how are you? How are things going over there—in Ethiopia?”

“Oh, pretty well, ” he said. “I understand that you’re a friend of Anthony’s? ”

“Yeah, that’s right,” I said. “He’s been a helpful volunteer, at different times, over the years we’ve known each other. And Anthony tells me that you have a great work over there for the Lord.”

“Yes, we are blessed to be doing his work, ” he said.

We chatted a little more about how God is moving in so many different ways, and Johnny couldn’t agree more, calmly ending our conversation with, “This is God’s time.”

I handed the phone back to Anthony, and he finished up his talk with his brother. Then I invited Anthony over to my office (only two blocks away) so we could talk some more. He agreed.

Anthony told me how he had come to Chicago way back in 1992. And he told me how he loved it. At present, he was working as a lobby attendant at the famed “Drake” hotel in downtown Chicago. He told me he was 48 and single—which means he was not married, that he had not been “blessed” to have a wife.

“Yeah, Chris, I have a lot of friends, here in Uptown,” he said. ” A lot of people know me. And I love helping to serve the Monday meal offered to the community at Uptown Baptist Church.”

And he told me how our “poor” folks in Uptown have it so much better than so many “poor” in his country of origin. And he told me that there is about 8 million people starving right now over there. And he said for some folks over there —a few pieces of bread might be all they have to eat on most days.

Anthony is thankful to have the life that he has. He just asks me —and all you readers–to pray for God to bring him a good Christian woman, a good woman he can share his life with, and serve and love the Lord with… together.

So–Prayer requests! For Pastor Johnny and his outreach, For “the least” in Ethiopia, who have so little. For a godly wife for Anthony.

Take care. Thanks for stopping by. Chris.

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