More of my friends!

From around the world!

Here’s three of my food pantry and soup kitchen friends

Thu Nguyen came to Chicago about 10 years ago with her family of seven from Saigon, Vietnam. She tells me that she is so thankful for the food pantry. And she says that there is nothing like this back in Saigon. She says her family had to “work hard” just to make it back home.

And there’s Hava Botonjic from Bosnia. She is a beautiful, elderly lady who always comes about 2 hours before we start the food pantry and our soup kitchen. She doesn’t speak hardly any English, but one gets the idea that she’s a no-nonsense woman who won’t be deterred from getting what she feels she needs.

And then there’s Louis Ferndec who came to Chicago about 40 years ago from Cuba. He tells me has no family in Chicago, and that he’s presently staying at a homeless shelter on the Southside. But he likes to come back to Uptown because he likes the neighborhood. He tells me he’s working with a caseworker trying to get “housing.”

I then ask Louis if he ever gets mad that more people aren’t helping him to get off the streets. “No, you can’t get mad,” he says. “It’s never good to get mad.”

Then I asked him if he ever feels like anyone owes him anything? “No, I don’t feel like anyone owes me anything,” he says.

Three persons from all different parts of the world. And Thu and Louis tell me that they attend “Pastor Kim’s” church for time to time. And they tell me they both believe in Jesus. And they do so with a quiet conviction which rings true.

And I’m so blessed to know them. For I see a lot of “Jesus” in them.


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Chris Ramsey has been a member of the Jesus People U.S.A. community in Chicago since 1975. Throughout those 40 years, Ramsey has been involved in evangelism, writing, interviewing, and serving the poor. He’s also a kind of “crazy” character who’s constantly asking himself, “Where do I fit in”? For the past 25 years, Chris has discovered that his role in serving the homeless and the poor at Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO), seems to fit him quite nicely. He is happily married to Sandy Ramsey, the executive director of CCO, and has two adult sons, Christopher and Jonathan.