Senad doing much better!

Your prayers are working!

I went to visit my new friend —Senad Filan–yesterday, Jan. 18. I went to visit him at Weiss hospital, but when I went to his room, he was gone. I inquired at the nursing station and discovered that he had been discharged. I inquired as to where he might be, but the nurse said she wasn’t supposed to give out that info , unless I was related. I told her that I worked for Cornerstone, our shelter here in Uptown, and that I just wanted to see him to see how he was doing now.

The nurse smiled, and softened her “official” stance. “Well, I guess I can give you his info—where he is, ” she said. “You know , I’m from Bosnia, also. And you seem like a nice guy.”

I was told that Senad had been sent Clark Manor–a nursing home and rehab center. So I went up to visit him, and I discovered that he was doing much better. He said he was two weeks sober and feeling much better. He told me that his goals now were to complete his ‘”medical detox” and rehab. Then he hoped to work with Heartland and our own Jeremy Nicholls in hopes of obtaining some housing.

But there was one more discouraging “thing” that happened to Senad when he was staying at Weiss hospital. All of his “ID,s” link card, etc. had been stolen. And now it will take a long while to replace his important documents. He might have to request his “kin” in Bosnia to send over his birth certificate.

Anyways, our friend (he’s your friend, now) is doing much better. I told him that people were praying for him, and that meant a lot to him.

He said he would welcome any visitors–should you feel so inclined. He’s at Clark Manor , 7433 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60626.

Thanks, Chris.

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Chris Ramsey has been a member of the Jesus People U.S.A. community in Chicago since 1975. Throughout those 40 years, Ramsey has been involved in evangelism, writing, interviewing, and serving the poor. He’s also a kind of “crazy” character who’s constantly asking himself, “Where do I fit in”? For the past 25 years, Chris has discovered that his role in serving the homeless and the poor at Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO), seems to fit him quite nicely. He is happily married to Sandy Ramsey, the executive director of CCO, and has two adult sons, Christopher and Jonathan.