Northwestern Students Come to Volunteer

“I’m sure that’s you on the cover!”

A small group of Northwestern students came to volunteer at CCO this past Saturday, Jan. 20. They were a lively and friendly group, and they really had a good time. Derrick, one of our new cooks, was having a good time directing and conversing with them when the topic of my book came up.

“Now, here’s Chris, he wrote a book, you know,” said Derrick. “And he said it was really hard for him to be homeless for a couple of days. But can you imagine what it’s like to be homeless for a year or more?”

“Yeah, that is true, ” I chimed in. “I really couldn’t handle much.” Then I retreated to my office to get a few of my flyers that have the cover of the book on the front and info of what it’s about on the back.

Then I went back into the kitchen and passed my flyers out to the students. “Now this a lot more like what I’d expect from folks who call themselves Christians,” said one student. “You know, not like all those Christians that we hear about in today’s news.”

“Oh well, thanks, ” I replied. “I hope so.”

Then the students comments turned to the picture on the cover. “And that’s you, right?” one student casually remarked.

“No, that’s not me, ” I calmly replied. “That’s a stock photo.”

“No, really, that’s you,” the student continued. “You’re playing a trick on us.”

Now this is not the first that I’ve heard that particular comment before. In fact, there’s been more than a few folks who have made the same comment. So I wasn’t overly surprised.

And of course, I do have to admit there’s a striking “possible” resemblance between my picture —if I had long hair and a beard–and this gentleman in this “stock photo.” And to be sure this man truly does exemplify the typical homeless, white man. It’s possible that this photo could be mistaken for me —with long hair and a beard.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, why should I care if someone really thought that was me on the cover? I mean, this man really does symbolize “the least,” the very folks that I’ve written about these years. And I don’t mind being associated with them at all. In fact, I find it an honor… in a strange sort of way. For this man, whoever he is, I’m sure has a lot to teach me…if I’d only be open to listen.

Thanks, Chris.

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Chris Ramsey has been a member of the Jesus People U.S.A. community in Chicago since 1975. Throughout those 40 years, Ramsey has been involved in evangelism, writing, interviewing, and serving the poor. He’s also a kind of “crazy” character who’s constantly asking himself, “Where do I fit in”? For the past 25 years, Chris has discovered that his role in serving the homeless and the poor at Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO), seems to fit him quite nicely. He is happily married to Sandy Ramsey, the executive director of CCO, and has two adult sons, Christopher and Jonathan.