Shawn goes home

He’s gone on ahead of us!

Our good friend, Shawn Hurst, went on to be with Jesus on Thursday morning, January 4, 2018. Shawn has been an inspiration to us all of at CCO who have gotten to know him over so many years. (I wrote about him a couple of months ago.) He could light up a room with his loud, crazy laughter and his quick-witted banter.

He fought the good fight. He went through a myriad of health issues over the last couple of years. Now he’s been set free from all his pain and suffering.

My wife Sandy, and co-worker Jeremy, were so faithful to visit Shawn often. And all of us who visited him came away being blessed. We are all better folks from knowing him. He showed us all how to care and show compassion towards so many who would be considered the least. As William Barclay writes, “As the common saying has it, “It is the poor who help the poor,” because they know what poverty is like.”

Thanks Shawn for being our friends. We’ll look forward to seeing you when it’s “our time.”

Thanks Chris

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About the Author:

Chris Ramsey has been a member of the Jesus People U.S.A. community in Chicago since 1975. Throughout those 40 years, Ramsey has been involved in evangelism, writing, interviewing, and serving the poor. He’s also a kind of “crazy” character who’s constantly asking himself, “Where do I fit in”? For the past 25 years, Chris has discovered that his role in serving the homeless and the poor at Cornerstone Community Outreach (CCO), seems to fit him quite nicely. He is happily married to Sandy Ramsey, the executive director of CCO, and has two adult sons, Christopher and Jonathan.