Christmas in the Least?

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Oh yeah, you just have to listen!

Hello folks —-Yeah, Christmas is coming! And soon! So if you’re considering a gift that “Jesus” the baby we celebrate coming into this world, might like you to give to most ANYONE on your list —but especially those on the naughty list! (Just kidding.) —Then I’d have to recommend my book, “Discovering Jesus in the Least.” Of course , you’ve got all the necessary info to order right here. Maybe you and I ought to look at it this way: Maybe we’d all get to know the real Jesus a little better if we read some stories and perceptions and experiences from the inner-city. It sure did happen to me. To God be the glory!

P.S. Oh yeah, those of you who glanced at the book (or a little more than that) please fire off a brief review, review—2 or 3 sentences. Put on Amazon and Westbow.

Thanks Chris

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