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25 Sep 2017

More of the Least in Warsaw

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I was wandering around the Centrum area of Warsaw–which is the middle of downtown. And I was blessed to meet a few of the least—struggling just to survive.

I ran into this sweet lady from Romania sitting on a bench reading her Bible. She was very friendly, and spoke a bit of English. Then I continued on my wandering down another street only to return the same way to discover her on her knees before all who passed her by. I was honored to buy her a drink and contribute a bit to her needs.

Then I ran into “Bogdan”, who told me he was from Warsaw. He also spoke very little English, but knew enough to tell me that he had “no money” and “no home.” His body language told me that he had a sort of graceful resignation to his impoverished state.

A little later I ran into another kind gentleman from Warsaw. He told me he had recently severely injured his hand, and could use some aid in getting his needs met. I was happy to oblige. And as I turned to go on my way I said, “I will be pray for you.” And he humbly replied, “And I will pray for you.”

And then as I was on my way headed back to my son’s apartment, I ran into some of the least hanging out by the metro. I chatted a little with them, and they were keen to know what my angle for expressing an interest in their lives. I told them that I worked with the homeless and poor in Chicago. A couple of these folks spoke English and were glad to hear of my work. I asked if there were any shelters where the homeless could go to if they so desired. One man said, “Yes, but I don’t recommend it.” I asked him, “Why?” He replied that “it was difficult to get to” as well as having “bed-bugs etc.” He also mentioned that this place had its “limits.” “If they have room for 40 people, and you’re number 41, you’re out of luck.”

I got permission to take their picture. And I was on my way.

So I got to meet a few of the homeless in downtown Warsaw… and I’m sure there are a whole lot more.

Please say a prayer for them.

13 Sep 2017

The Least in Warsaw

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My wonderful wife Sandy and I were visiting our son ,Jon and his wife Ola, and our new granddaughter–Frania. One afternoon we went strolling around the Old Town part of Warsaw. It’s very beautiful and relaxing—even though it’s become the prime tourist haven. And you don’t notice many poor and homeless folks. But they are there.

Sad to see this young girl singing her heart out for any donations for the passers-by. But that’s the reality.

And I also ran into this man on the street near Jon and Ola’s apartment. He was on his way to try to sell some vegetables by the metro-station.

As most of us know, the least are everywhere. Let’s make sure we’re noticing them… and caring about them in whatever ways Jesus so directs.

Which at the very least… ought to mean a few prayers offered up for them.
Lord, help me to do this.

13 Sep 2017

My son and grandson come to help serve

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I was blessed to have my son, Chris, and my grandson Aaron, come to volunteer and serve with our good friend George and his crew this past Saturday. We had a great time serving together. There’s just something about having your family come alongside you and join you in your life’s calling. Chris mentioned that he was inspired to come and help serve with Aaron after recently receiving a copy of my book. Now that’s one of the best reviews I’ve ever received!

I just hope that this book will inspire more folks to get out there and serve. And you don’t even have to be related to me.

May God bless you and yours.

6 Sep 2017

An Action-packed Bible Study Group

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Cornerstone was recently blessed with an energetic and compassionate bible study group from the Assyrian St. Andrews Church of the East from Glenview, ILL. And this wasn’t the first time they’ve showed up. Just the first time that I was “around” to serve alongside them. Their pattern I’ve been told is to buy all the food,bring it to CCO, and then cook and serve it, and clean-up afterwards. This labor-day celebration included burgers, polishes, fries, grilled onions, vegetables, and hot peppers. Adnan David, their jovial leader, told me that his group simply loves to give to and serve the least. He said they’ve learned that “you have to become universal to be “holy.”

After talking with him a while I could see that he and the apostle Paul had a lot in common. They both wanted to be no-nonsense and absolutely clear in their approach to sharing the gospel. They wanted everyone to know that “their” gospel was for everyone. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal. 3:28)

This group served with so much love and smiles and sincerity. They just “showered” our folks with care and attention. And talking with one woman, she said that whenever she noticed the poor “taking as much as they could,” she didn’t blame them in the least. “They are thinking about tomorrow,” she said. “Whereas, you and I know we will have food tomorrow and the next day, they do not.” .

Now, that’s my kind of bible study group! How about you?