Discovering Jesus in the Least

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New book available

Hello World — I’ve just survived 25 years of working with poor and homeless in Uptown, Chicago. And I’ve amassed so many inspirational ( at least I thought they were!) writings over those years—and I always dreamed they might some day “turn” into a book. And so after a lot of rewriting and organizing and editing —that took much longer than I had ever dreamed—I offer you the end result.

It’s called “Discovering Jesus in the Least” with the subtitle “Unveiling God’s Presence Among America’s Most Overlooked Souls.”

It’s about my journey and how I became involved working with the poor and homeless. And it shows the challenges and struggles of doing this work as well as the many blessings that come with doing this work. It also places a strong emphasis on how my interaction with these “least” in our American society has impacted my life’s quest for meaning and purpose.

It’s available on Amazon and Westbow press. And I hope to be offering this book on this website in the near future.

Order ‘Discovering Jesus in the Least’ at WestBow

Order ‘Discovering Jesus in the Least’ at Amazon

Be blessed. Your friend and co-laborer, Chris Ramsey