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Discovering Jesus in the Least

In “Discovering Jesus in the Least,” you’ll walk alongside veteran outreach worker, Chris Ramsey, as he uncovers the depths of God’s love not only for the “most overlooked and ignored” folks in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood…but also for himself.

Ramsey welcomes the reader into his world through a wide variety of short, poignant observations amassed over 25 years. What he discovers will undoubtedly challenge you to examine your own views regarding the poor and the homeless of our 21st century American society.

Chris Ramsey’s Blog

23May 2018

Who wants be Nothing?

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Oh yeah, Jesus does!

Here is an excerpt from my book: Hope you are blessed… and challenged by it! I know I am… all the time!

He Made Himself Nothing

“[Jesus] made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.” (Philippians 2:7, NIV)

So here’s Jesus. He was God. He is God—the Creator of the whole universe. You can’t any higher or better, or more perfect than God!

So when he accepted God the Father’s decision to send him into our world to save us, he had to turn himself into nothing, by comparison. How difficult was that?

It was like he became a magician. He disguised himself, cloaked himself in the clothes and the manner of a servant. He became like the lowest of the low here on earth. He didn’t want to draw attention to himself, so he chose to hide himself amongst the poor and neglected.

The King James Bible translates this verse as “he made himself of no reputation.” This seems to imply that it took some “work”, and that it was a process.

Jesus had to choose to fly under the radar. While he was growing up and as a young man before he began his ministry, he must have had to “fight off ” often the inclination to raise his voice when face-to-face with sin and injustice.

Still, maybe it wasn’t too hard for Jesus to become like the poor. Why? Because he made them. Because he cares for them deeply. To him, they are just as important as anyone else.

So how do these observations speak to us?

They relate to all of us who are constantly wishing to be “somebody,” even in our service for the Lord. Many of us work hard at building ourselves “a good reputation.” We have a tough time imagining ourselves doing just the opposite—working hard at “becoming nothing.”

But maybe, just maybe, as we begin to see that this becoming as “the least” is indeed very pleasing to our God … well then, maybe we’ll be making more efforts towards imitating his son’s example.

And maybe we’ll begin to understand that this “becoming nothing” isn’t a bad thing. On the contrary, it’s a good thing!

Excerpt from ‘Discovering Jesus in the Least‘ by Chris Ramsey
Chapter 13, New Testament Teaching on Service to the Least (Part 1), Page 73
Copyright © 2017 Chris Ramsey.

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17May 2018

You never know what God has in mind?

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For Eve and Veronica: Their “chance” meeting evolves into 7 Years of Friendship!

Veronica stopped by the food pantry a few days ago, and she asked if I could say “Hi” to Eve, one of our caseworkers. And then she started telling me how their relationship had begun, and flourished over the past few years.

It all started when Eve Haycock had to pick up her son, Uriah, from school seven years ago. She ran into a hard-working Grandmother named Veronica Smith who was also picking up her grandson, Damon, from school. After a few encounters, Eve sensed that Veronica was having a “rough” go of it. By this Eve meant that she was having a hard time “making ends meet,” especially with having to help provide for Damon.

It wasn’t long before Eve was insisting that Veronica make use of our food pantry and our free-store for clothing. “Everybody needs help sometimes, ” she said. “And you should never deny your kids because of your pride.” Eve also helped Veronica get a school-backpack for Damon.

Veronica said that she was so thankful to Eve for helping her through some “trying” times. She said that Eve really went the extra-mile, and because of her caring she became a close friend. “She has such a big heart,” says Veronica. “She’s so good with kids. She’s nice, but she’s firm. And whoever she’s working with, she makes you feel comfortable and welcome.”

Eve has been a long-time employee of Cornerstone… and a much-beloved caseworker to the single women. She has been a wonderful example of caring and compassion for those less fortunate. And she just can’t help herself, when she’s working with her clients. “The way she talks,” says Veronica, “she just makes you want to be more than you ever thought you could be.”

I’d say we need a few (or a lot more!) more Eve’s. Because you never know what God has in mind.

Thanks for stopping by. Chris

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